What Are The Types Of Hotel Soap

At present the hotel soap is divided into two kinds of raw materials, vegetable fats and animal fats. Vegetable fat hotel soap in terms of production standards and market positioning have reached the civilian standards. Domestic imports of vegetable oil origin mainly from the Southeast Asian tropical region. Animal fat room hotel soap is currently on the market using a wide range of raw materials. Of course there are more high-end raw materials, such as herbal raw materials. Of course, this type of product is ultra-luxury hotel products.

At present the market hotel soap type is endless. Such as: white soap, transparent hotel soap, wheat soap, cereal soap, soap, handmade soap and so on. White soap is currently the most common hotel market soap category, round white soap as much. Soap is the reason why each manufacturer is producing, the main reason is that you can earn profits in product quality. Transparent hotel soap is now becoming more and more stars on the choice. Peace of mind health of the plastic wrap, without any garbage additives pure material health production.

Hotel disposable toothbrush, is the one-time items "six small pieces" in the most important one. Seemingly insignificant, but it is indispensable for the guests who do not have their own toiletries. Reporters recently found that many guests reflect the hotel a one-time use of inconvenience to the toothbrush, low quality, and even easy to make bleeding gums. What are the precautions when using the hotel's disposable toothbrush?

Soft wool toothbrush quality is better

Disposable toothbrush has become a star hotel in a standard, good or bad toothbrush quality, in fact, also related to the guest experience.

Perennial travel to live in the hotel, Mr. Chen told reporters that he is the most painful experience of the hotel toothbrush is bleeding teeth bleeding, and toothbrush hair is directly related. He said that when brushing teeth occasionally feel tingling. Reporters learned that the toothbrush head shape is not smooth, with sharp corners, or toothbrush bristles have sharp angle, burr, etc., are likely to cause oral soft tissue and tooth surface damage.

In general, the hotel provides a one-time toothbrush is divided into nylon wool toothbrush, sharpened toothbrush, special toothbrush, and so on. According to the strength of the toothbrush, can be divided into soft hair, hair, bristles three. Among them, the soft hair toothbrush cost slightly higher, better quality. Use a new hotel disposable toothbrush, open the packaging may wish to put it in warm water soak for a few minutes, or rinse with water, to protect the complex. Before use with a slight pressure on the toothbrush, to see if there is a tingling, bristles should not be too hard to use. And every time after the toothbrush must also be thoroughly washed, and the toothbrush on the water as much as possible to rejection, the toothbrush head up on the mouthwash cup, or placed in a sunny place to make it dry and sterilization.