What Are The Selection Techniques Of Soap?

What are the selection techniques of soap?

Soap is a kind of consumer goods, mainly with fatty acid sodium and other surfactants as the main raw material after improved products, disposable soap is one of the room disposable supplies, what are the specific main uses?

The function of soap is to clean and wash, use in the skin of course is to clear dirt, skin secretions, excreta, chemicals or bacteria, etc., in the cosmetic effect today, the removal of skin surface cosmetics, maintenance products or drugs is also one of its main uses.

1, after the use of soap skin feel not dry not tight and produce delicate, close and stable foam.

2, rich fragrance, after use makes people feel very refreshing.

3, the appearance of clear outline, full and rounded surface, storage does not shrink, do not crack.

4, soft and hard moderate, in warm water is not easy to dissolve disintegration.

5, the product packaging on the logo is complete, should indicate the product implementation standards and functions, according to the need to select the appropriate products.

6, select well-known enterprises brand-name products.

7, the choice of imported brand soap need to see whether there is a Chinese label to prevent the origin of unknown soaps are mostly alkaline or weak acidity, use soap wash face, must be washed clean, because the residual soap on the skin will damage the balance of ph value of the skin. It is not recommended to wash your face with soap. The face is not complete will cause skin burden.