What Are The Main Surfactants For Shampoos?

  What are the main surfactants for shampoos?

  Surfactants used in shampoo are: fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sulfate AES (ammonium), coconut oil diethanolamide (6501), betaine (CAB-35), quaternary ammonium salt softener. As well as some functional additives: silicone smooth brightener, Gan Bao Zi deodorant Zhixiang agent, pearl agent, preservatives, flavor, color and so on.

  1, the main surfactant. shampoo This is mainly some of the salt with fat chain, such as sodium dodecyl sulfate, and so on, do not say too professional, and their role is to clean the function, wash your hair, shampoo bubble is good or bad decision The

  2, secondary surfactants. Composed of some amphoteric or nonionic surfactants, as the name suggests, their role is to assist the main surfactant, clean hair, while reducing irritation, improve the appearance of shampoo.

  3, conditioning agent. Shampoo quality is good or bad, all look at this. The component is mainly some of the large molecular weight and small molecular weight mixed with some of the cations. As we all know, the hair is basically negatively charged, and these positively charged cations are so easily adsorbed, giving the hair soft and easy to comb the effect.

  4, smooth agent. This is equally important in shampoo formulations. It generally refers to some high molecular weight, shampoo high viscosity silicone oils that are adsorbed on each hair surface to form a smooth film that makes the hair smooth, healthy and natural.

  5, shampoo is a consistency, it is inevitable to use some of the ingredients of the mind consistency.

  6, flavor. Shampoo fragrance has a larger range, there are floral notes, there are green fragrance, shampoo depending on the north and south there are differences, but the ultimate goal is the same, is the concept of combining products to bring consumers the best enjoyment.