Still Worrying About Losing A Towel? Solve The Tips Now To Tell You!

Still worrying about losing a towel? Solve the tips now to tell you!

With the rapid development of tourism, the hotel industry is also developing rapidly, although there are many hotel hotels in the market, but really in the hotel supplies equipment on the heart, in the hotel services focused on few. Why do you say that? Because many hotels in the hotel supplies wholesale when not pay attention to product quality, as long as the price is good, so the hotel supplies after the procurement is always a lot of defective, let people come to this hotel after use, the next time do not want to come. But sometimes the hotel is shoddy, some of it is indeed under the "Bubaizhiyuan." For example towel hair of this problem, good towel will also meet, in fact, we not only in the hotel will encounter such problems, at home will encounter, then how to solve this situation? Today brings you some tips!

Tip one: Before the towel is useless with 30 ℃ water rinse, wash clean, the towel inside the extrusion, put the net in the washing machine dehydration tube dehydration, will be dehydrated towel tiled on the table, do not hang off the sun; after shade, can be used in warm steam ironing flat hot, Iron and towel away from 0.5 to 1 centimeters, avoid pressure on it.

Tip Two: We are in the purchase, choose the cotton texture of the towel better, because the cotton texture of the towel more absorbent, easy to wash, feel good. If you don't know how to buy a towel, you also happen to get a towel that has lost its hair. Use salt blisters for half an hour before using. Or put towels in hot water, soak for 20 seconds, and then quickly put in the ice water, dip 10 seconds, take out wring dry, put a few days, just fine.

There are a lot of tips in life, as long as we will find it by heart. How do you keep the towel from falling? I hope to share the above tips can help you, try it quickly!