How To Use Deodorant Shampoo Is Correct

  How to use deodorant shampoo is correct

  "59% of women and 63% of men have been plagued by dandruff."

  "Dandruff has become the second largest scalp problem after hair loss."

  Not long ago, from the China Health Education Association Scalp Health Research Center, a survey shows that adults in our country, scalp itching, tight, dandruff shedding is no longer a minor problem, they become a scalp health risks early warning signal.

  The production of dandruff has nothing to do with the shampoo frequency

  A considerable number of people think that the production of dandruff is caused by shampoo over the rest; the rest is that dandruff is not enough clean scalp caused.

  In fact, the production of dandruff and shampoo frequency is not directly related. Normal scalp cell replacement cycle is 28 days, dander cells fully mature, to the naked eye can not see the tiny cell peeling. Immature cells reach the top of the skin, they will peel off the visible debris, the formation of dandruff.

  One expert said that in fact, more than 90% of people are physiological dandruff, that is, the normal metabolism of what they need is just healthy daily care. "Shampoo frequency is not too high, an average of two to three times a week on it.