How To Judge The Comfort Degree Of Disposable Slippers?

  How to judge the comfort degree of disposable slippers?

  Suitable for the hotel's own one-time hotel slippers According to the hotel's grade, housing costs and customer base to decide. In general, the hotel's grades, housing costs and customer base determine how much money the slippers, or what kind of flip-flops.

  Only from the material to see there are non-woven slippers, slippers, towel cloth slippers, velvet slippers, really beautiful cloth slippers, flannel slippers, velvet slippers, plush slippers and other series. and different types, different styles of disposable slippers, are relying on current fashion elements to create, not only the appearance of fresh and generous, but also a sense of fashion.

  Disposable slippers are very lightweight and very soft and comfortable to wear. Although disposable slippers production is relatively simple, low cost, but its comfort, softness, etc. is beyond doubt, wear is very comfortable. So the hotel can be assured to buy, choose a clean and hygienic disposable slippers to provide services.