Hotel Soap Has So Much Use

  Hotel soap has so much use

  Hotel soap can take a bath in addition, in fact, there are many other useful things Oh ~ Xiaobian with the following to learn friends


  Because the hotel soapy water is alkaline, so the mosquito bites Tu Dian Hotel soapy water, you can play the role of itching ~

  In addition to taste

  Hot with a piece of hotel soap on the bathroom, you can in addition to taste, fresh air ~

  Prevent moldy

  Meiyu day wardrobe clothes easy to mold, put a small piece of hotel soap in the closet, you can prevent mold and remove the mold

  In addition to oil

  The oil on the range hood can also be washed with the hotel soap, the hotel soap into the hot water, take a towel dipped in the hotel soap and water to wipe the hood, grease suddenly no friends ~

  Remove the fog

  Bathroom mirror

  Bathroom mirror easy to get water vapor, in the mirror rub a layer of hotel soap and water can get rid of this trouble ~


  In the glasses on the lens coated with a layer of hotel soapy water, can also prevent water vapor, mist

  Clean jewelry

  Jewelry with a long time the surface will be black and dark, with the hotel soap blisters can be a bubble to clean up ~



  Zipper is not good when the pull, take the hotel soap scraping two no card ~


  In the curtain of the bar and the ring between the coating a little soap, immediately become smooth ~


  In the outdoor activities can be painted when the hotel soapy water, to prevent mosquito bites, at home to see more places where insects gathered, you can also use the hotel soapy water for insect removal