Hotel Slippers Selection Also Combined With The Hotel's Own Style And Environment

  Hotel Slippers selection also combined with the hotel's own style and environment

  In the purchase of hotel supplies in particular, hotels cloth grass Slippers quality is very important, different scale cloth factory using raw materials cotton region is different, different manufacturers cloth dyeing process is different, the quality is also different, the natural price is not the same.

  In the hotel industry is the most commonly used polyester TC fabric, polyester and cotton with gold, both to retain the fabric of the skin feeling, but also to solve the fabric of durable, washable, shrinkage and other problems.

  Many people think that the more beautiful the better, it is not. Many do not understand the procurement room linen hotel directly find home textile company to do, in fact, hotel design and home textile design is the two concepts.

  Hotel focus on the first element is clean and hygienic, followed by the aesthetic, the core of the design must be from the hotel user perspective, simple, engaging, the whole.

  Silk fabric luster is particularly good, soft and delicate, smooth, feel cool, with fire will quickly burn, release the Flames, the burning place to shrink into a group, after will emit a stink, become black ball, with the hand pinch will crush.

  Silk fabric is a protein fiber, high alkalinity, high temperature and friction will be destroyed, the last time when washing water to add a small amount of white vinegar or acetic acid, silk fabric can improve the effect of silk wool.

  One-time slippers to choose also to combine the hotel itself, packaging and other to conform to the hotel style and environment. All kinds of packaging may be seen, but only on the ground to feel the effect is the most accurate, with the coordination of guests with a more comfortable. Different grade hotel with what size of disposable slippers:

  1. Economy Hotel. Low prices of hotels to consider the cost of the choice of slippers to achieve the use of the purpose can be selected Non-woven fabric, Lamaub, true beauty cloth slippers price is generally between 0.5-1.5 yuan.

  2. Mid-range hotel. Mid-range price hotel to pay attention to the use of comfort, plush, towel cloth or velvet slippers can choose, wear experience feeling good, price fluctuations between 1.6-2.5 yuan.

  3. Upscale Hotel. High-grade hotel to provide guests with better service, slippers to do both beautiful and practical. For example, waffle, coral velvet, cutting velvet and so on are very good choice, the price certainly has improved, but the quality is indeed different.