Hotel Etiquette-the Waitress Etiquette

First, basic requirements

(1) instruments

Working time provisions should be uniform. Clothing should be neat and clean, cuffs, neckline keep clothes clean. Buckle clasp to fasten clothes, clothes lining is not revealing, not arm sleeves of his trousers. To wear an identification card. Male and female attendants are dark-coloured shoes, socks color slightly deeper than the shoe color.

(2) appearance

Waiters don't stay big sideburns, back not long into the collar, no beards, shave; a waitress's hair is not long to the Cape. But it must be minimal makeup, are not allowed to wear any jewelry, no long nails and nail polish. No irritating perfume.

(3) bearing

Restaurant staff should be dignified, upright standing position, reflecting the graceful and elegant. Sitting upright, showing grace and elegance. Gait should be light, sound. Walk on the right generally can't walk, do not run, not with visitor cut. To receive guests, use of gestures to regulate and moderate, gestures should not be too much in the talks, action should not be too large. Directions for guests should be properly used "straight arm", when the guest enters "yaw" and so on. Also note that when gestures and facial expressions, and coordination of various parts of the body, so as not to seem hard, for guests leads to misunderstanding.