Disposable Slippers Are The Necessary Products In The Hotel Disposable Goods Category

  Disposable slippers are the necessary products in the hotel disposable goods category. Every guest who has been in the hotel for one days after the rush to change a pair of comfortable slippers, this is the hotel embodies its humanized service.

  According to the hotel supplies manufacturers survey, there are still some hotels do not provide disposable slippers but can be repeated wear plastic slippers, so although the hotel cost savings, but it greatly reduces the guest's goodwill to the hotel, it is difficult to win repeat customers. So, how to choose hotel Slippers is very important.

  Now, there are some media reports of guests in the hotel due to wear a disposable slippers slip to claim. This is also in fact related to the hotel's choice of slippers. A disposable slipper upper in the market is mostly non-woven or paper, the soles are plastic, in the middle of a very thin layer of sponge, is divided into non-slip and not slippery, it is suggested that the hotel should choose the soles of the relatively thick, add a non-slip groove, so that the guests can not easily slip to, nor reduce the dispute less trouble.

  Hotel slippers are one of the necessities of the hotel disposable supplies. In fact, there are many kinds of disposable slippers. Mainly based on fabric classification, value from low to High, non-woven, velvet, nap plush, short plush, towels, cut velvet, waffle. Generally speaking, small hotels, such as hotels, more use of non-woven slippers. Velvet, nap plush, short plush, general mid-range hotel with more. and the best material for the towel, towel slippers can be used in winter to the guests, because it has a good insulation, waterproof, water absorption is also more than the other material slippers, basically for 3 star hotels.

  Looking for a regular supplier, there are many companies selling disposable goods on the Internet. One of the quality of the mixed, and some even the business license is not, then the hotel in the inquiry should be to the hotel supplies company to ask for relevant qualifications and cooperation cases, so as to avoid some purses company, to ensure their own and regular hotel supplies suppliers in cooperation. This screening process can avoid a lot of problems, some companies can not provide relevant qualifications, belong to the bag company, the goods once the problem pat buttocks to leave, the hotel can no longer contact each other, no after-sales service, even more, specifically to deceive the hotel's deposit. Screen out a part of the fraud company, if the hotel procurement volume is huge, it is best to be able to conduct factory field visits, further identification of the strength of manufacturers, manufacturers of environmental factors.