Bathroom Products Purchase And Maintenance Skills

  Bathroom Products purchase and maintenance skills

  First look at the bathroom on the water when the installation of important hardware accessories, namely the water, hose, angle valve.

  1, bathroom bucket to buy

  A water heater is a drainage device such as a bathtub or a basin. By the type of main bounce type water and flip water two. Bounce the advantages of the bucket is more obvious, easy to play up, easy, and easy to clean; clamshell water easily plug, drain more difficult to open,Bathroom Products but clamshell life is generally longer than the bounce type.

  Diver to buy method: the addition of water to buy in addition to consider the bounce or flip, but also according to the basin and other styles to choose. Such as the basin itself with overflow holes, then it is necessary to buy the same overflow with the water, and vice versa is not used. In addition, the material of the water also has a copper, stainless steel, plastic and other materials, when combined with the combination of material characteristics and price to choose.

  2, bathroom hose to buy

  The purpose of the hose is to connect the main function, mainly used for water pipes and water heaters, toilet, shower, faucet, water tank and other water equipment in the middle of the connection. Hose can be divided into knitting hose according to the shape of processing,Bathroom Products double buckle hose, hose hose and corrugated hose and so on several.

  Hose purchase method: Consumers can purchase according to the use of the actual installation size to buy; as far as possible in the regular store, supermarket purchase, product quality can guarantee; should use copper or stainless steel connection nut, core ; Election braided tube, pay attention to watch the body weaving effect, do not jump, broken, stacked silk, weaving style weaving the higher the density of the better.

  3, bathroom angle valve to buy

  Corner valve, also known as triangular valve, angle valve. This is because the pipe in the angle valve at the angle of the corner shape, so called the angle valve.Bathroom Products The role of the angle valve is mainly from the role of internal and external outlet, in addition, the water pressure is too large, you can adjust the top of the triangle valve, at the same time, if the faucet leakage occurs like this, may turn off the triangular valve, Of the total valve.

  Angle valve to buy method: in the case of adequate light, the angle valve can be placed in the hands of straight observation, the surface should be bright as a mirror,Bathroom Products without any oxidation spots, no scorched traces; and near no stomata, no Bubble, no leakage plating, color uniform; hand touch no burr, sand.