Bathroom Products Clean Small Coup

  Bathroom Products clean small coup

  Home cleaning work has always been a lot, a little clean and clean is likely to breed bacteria, so as to bring harm to the health of their families. Bathroom, bathroom is home to breed bacteria one of the most, especially those Bathroom Products, but most people will selectively ignore it! Now teach you how to thoroughly clean these gadgets.



  Toothbrush is to help us clear the bacteria on the teeth of the tool, many people only know every morning to brush your teeth, but I do not know how to toothbrush "bath."

  In fact, cleaning the toothbrush is very simple,Bathroom Products first with water thoroughly rinse the toothbrush, and then into the concentration of 75% of the alcohol, soak for half an hour on the line friends. In addition, it is recommended that you three to four months for a toothbrush Oh!

  Bath ball


  Some people like to bathe with a bath ball, but the bath ball and toothbrush, because long placed in the damp bathroom, so it is easier to breed bacteria. So how do you thoroughly clean the bath ball?

  First, the bath into the concentration of 75% of the alcohol,Bathroom Products soak for half an hour after hot water rinse several times, and finally come out to dry, so you can make the bath ball becomes clean it!



  Men generally use a razor to scoop the beard, just reluctantly rinse it with water, often ignoring the residue on the razor residue or dead skin, so that the razor has become a hotbed of bacteria The Xiao Bian suggested that men still pay more attention to this aspect of health Oh!

  Take a cotton pad and spray some 75% alcohol on it,Bathroom Products then wipe the razor blade with it. Remember to use the razor, it should be placed in the cabinet and other non-humid place, so you can avoid the blade rust.

  Toilet brush


  We all know that the toilet brush can be used to clean the toilet, but ignored the toilet brush health problems.

  In fact, clean the toilet brush is also very simple, the first water will be used after the toilet brush washed again, and then use 75% of the concentration of alcohol for disinfection after drying, and then hot water to the toilet brush thoroughly sterilized and clean. Note that we must first dry the toilet brush and then put it Oh!

  Toilet sucker


  No matter where the home block, the toilet sucker will play a very good role, but because of the full play of its role, so its bacterial content is not to be underestimated. Even a very good cleaning helper, but also pay special attention to its health problems!