10 Trick You To Use Shampoo Properly

  10 trick you to use shampoo properly

  1. Before shampoo to completely wet the hair: better wash away the dirt, to avoid harming the scalp.

  2. Shampoo After rubbing on the palm of your hand on the hair: Reduce the burden on the hair and prevent the alkaline matter from falling.

  3. Shampoo time can not be less than 3 to 5 minutes: especially in the back of the head near the accumulation of fat, compared to other parts of the time to spend more time to clean.

  4. Do not wash your hair, pay attention to cleaning the scalp: sebum accumulation in the scalp is easy to breed bacteria produce dandruff, but also easy to hair loss.

  5. Shampoo to thoroughly rinse: red again is not enough, with hair conditioner before the hair should be washed several times.

  6. At home can also try the head massage: fingertips rather than nails gently massage the scalp for 3 weeks, you can play a relaxing role.

  7. Correctly grasp the role of shampoo: remove hair dirt and sebum, improve hair growth environment, and conditioner different efficacy, not to replace each other.

  8. Do not wash the head twice a day: excessive hair cut hair caused by hair damage, will wash away the necessary oil.

  9. spend some time to find their own shampoo: only one or two times to judge a bit reckless, the effect of continuous use is the basis for judging.

  10. With the season for different shampoo: different season hair condition is different, has been using the same shampoo can not achieve the best hair care effect.