Shower room

Acrylic sheet: the main gloss and handle on the back of the acrylic sheet thickness. Lighting direct sunlight, good acrylic sheet light effect, uniform light, hand feel, texture thick good material, not easily deformed.

Pulleys and hinge block and hinge directly affect the normal use of the product, good wheel and hinge, slide and switch smoothly, small noise, copper material, generally have their own brand of major manufacturers design patent the wheel and hinge.

Security: associated with the glass material, can be divided into ordinary glass and tempered glass, glass cheap use of unsafe, now how to use tempered glass, at least 5MM tempered glass, has a strong ability to withstand impact and not easily broken. Safety glass tempered identification mark on CCC.

Water resistance: more popular now wet and dry separation, taking into account the tightness of the joint. Sealant should be used, to prevent water seepage.

Practicality: the exquisite works of bathroom products, rather than simply the pursuit of style, never the best of styles but the most classic style.