Shower column

Includes set on top of shower columns shower, set in the middle of the shower more than one fixed PIN-small shower size knob and adjust the water temperature and flow, as well as a hand shower, shower columns are provided with fixed slot adjust the height hand-held shower installed. Fixed channel set in the side of the shower column, next to the decorated surface, its t-shaped or c-shaped section. Shower front set with decorative panels, decorative surface is arranged at the side. This practical new making process simple, structure reasonable, due to in shower column side set has t font or c font fixed guide slot, can according to different of crowd need regulation handheld spent sprinkled of installation or take put height; a poses aluminum forming of shower column can spray various color of coating, also can according to user of different of need made different of length, to meet different user of need. The utility of low cost, safe and convenient to use.