1: split toilet. (Tank and toilet separate) advantages: price much cheaper than the one-piece toilet, separation of water tanks and other damaged parts can be replaced.

2: one-piece toilet. (Combined tank and toilet seat) pros: easy to install, easy to clean, area occupied is smaller.

Select toilet should take into account the following factors:

Gloss: gloss products, higher the density, the easier cleaning.

Toilet porcelain: porcelain and the toilet is directly related to life, higher firing temperature is uniform, porcelain, the better.

Water features: toilet flushing directly depends on pipe design, and are also related to the height and water tank water level. Modern popular method of flushing were straight, oblique thrust, siphon, and so on. Straight-pipe diameter, flush is not easy to plug. Siphon is using vacuum principle will drain the water before getting on the water, sounds smaller.

Second: basins

Ceramic basin because of the high firing temperature, even and strong resistance to thermal shock, not easy to crack, high cost performance. According to the bathroom you can choose the size of BASIN WITH PEDESTAL, above counter basin, basin or art basin. Column: column and its composition, usually saves space, suitable for small bathrooms. Basin: choose above counter basin is mainly look at the smoothness of their glazes, and also to see if the drain and faucet installation specifications. Art basin: the individualism, choose whether you want to consider and other works.

Three: bathroom cabinets

Buy bathroom cabinets in addition to size, style and color, taking into account the following factors: moisture-proof, waterproof, decay, so the material will have a direct impact on product quality, the best use of moisture-proof materials. For example imports 304 stainless steel and rubber wood.