Small Hotel Soap

Small Hotel Soap
Product Details


Whenever you're out on business trip, you can have our Small Hotel Soap to protect the family care. It is in solid state, easy to carry and you can carry almost no occupation of travel space. Its non-liquid design eliminates leakage.


-The plain and restrained packaging is suitable for five-star hotels and guesthouses, as well as cultural theme hotels, inns and other places.

-Transparent plastic bags are used to keep the soap clean and more secure.

-Our Small Hotel Soap is small and delicate for carrying out.

-Tear appropriate amount to put in the palm, wet in water for a few seconds can be gently knead foam, clear water rinse, easy to use.

Product NameSmall Hotel Soap


Soap in sachet(7-120g)/pleated soap(12-80g)


Circle, rectangle, square, star,oval etc.

Soap Body Colors


LOGO printing

On soap/film/sachet/box


SPA,Lemon, orange, green tea, milk, apple and etc.

Main ingredient

Elaeis guineensis oil,cocos nucifera oil,glycerin


Pleat wrapped,paper wrapped,plastic bag ,paper box,plastic box


-Do not store or keep in direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity or near flammable goods.

-Keep out of reach of children.

-Please cover and store in a dry place after use.

-In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water or warm water.

-Please pay attention to prevent the toothed part of the box from hurting your hand.