Mini Hotel Soap

Mini Hotel Soap
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Our Mini Hotel Soap is easy to carry, a small piece can wash your hands, water can be dissolved. It contains active decontamination factor, cleaning sterilization once completed, which is your good hygiene and cleaning partner.

Housekeeping staff can also keep disposable soaps for a rainy day. For example, when you are bitten by a mosquito itching, with soap dipped in water, directly coated in the bite of the location, will soon stop the itching.


-Adopting environmental protection material, our Mini Hotel Soap has the advantages of environmental protection, no peculiar smell, color design, practical and beautiful

-Our Mini Hotel Soap is delicate and easy to carry, away from the journey of bacteria and viruses, but also gives you a pleasant and comfortable mood.

-The foam is delicate, mild and moist, suitable for all kinds of people to use, green, environment-friendly and healthy


Product NameMini Hotel Soap


Soap in sachet(7-120g)/pleated soap(12-80g)


Circle, rectangle, square, star,oval etc.

Soap Body Colors


LOGO printing

On soap/film/sachet/box


SPA,Lemon, orange, green tea, milk, apple and so on.

Main ingredient

Elaeis guineensis oil,cocos nucifera oil,glycerin


Pleat wrapped,paper wrapped,plastic bag ,paper box,plastic box