Hotel Mini Soap Bars

Hotel Mini Soap Bars
Product Details

Product Introduction

Hotel Mini Soap Bars are rich in minerals that nourish, refresh, moisturize your skin and be as silky as it is. Our formula contains triclosan, a safe antibacterial ingredient that helps prevent bacteria from growing on the skin. The Mini Soap Bars are ideal for face wash, bath, hand wash, 100% natural, and also for baby care.

Features of the Mini Soap Bars

1. The Hotel Mini Soap Bars have a variety of styles and smells

2. Its foam is delicate and rich, and its aroma is pleasant.

3. No skin destructive chemicals, no imitation color

4. The mini soap bars are gentle for sensitive skin, rich in foam and silky luster

5. A gentle way to remove bacteria and bacteria.

6. Suitable for bathroom facial cleanser, kitchen or workplace

7. Natural flavors from essential floral alcohols

8. Provide custom design, welcome OEM / ODM

Product Applications

Our one-off Hotel Mini Soap Bars are ideally designed and packaged for use in hotels, vacation rentals (AirBnB and VRBO), motels, guest rooms, etc., providing quality hotel services