Hotel Shampoo in Tube

Hotel Shampoo in Tube
Product Details

Basic Info

Product Name:Hotel Shampoo in Tube

Size:25*100cm(include cap)

Description:30ml shampoo in tube with screw cap

Logo:Logo print

Packing:250 pcs/inner carton 500 pcs/outer carton


These Hotel Shampoo in Tube are 30 mL in volume and are printed with ingredients on the back. Getting shampoo out and into the palm of the hand is simple, and the tube is designed in such a way that it coordinates with room themes and colors.

Hotel Shampoo in Tube and user experience are directly linked, so many hotels will still adhere to the use. Energy conservation and environmental protection should start from everyone's life and cultivate the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection of consumers. Making the best use of Hotel Shampoo in Tube might as well is also a manifestation of energy saving.


-Safe: Hotel Shampoo in Tube is made of naturally derived ingredients. It does not contain any harsh chemicals, heavy perfumes or other additives which can irritate the skin.

-Apply to hair wash, body wash, 100% natural, also apply for baby care.

-Its foam is fine and rich, and with pleasant fragrance. Gentle to your sensitive skin, with lots of luxurious lather.

-Application: Hotel Shampoo in Tube is perfect for use in hotels, travel, airline, home, cleaning, facilities and so on