Round and different color hotel soap

Round and different color hotel soap
Product Details

Basic Information

Item NameRound and different color hotel soap

round, rectangle, ellipse, heart, square, ball, leaf or other customized shape

Logo embossed logo or direct printed label on paper bag, film, cardboard or as per your request

Fragrancegreen tea, milk,rose , lavender, fruit, and etc.
Colorwhite, black, yellow, grey, red, pink, orange, green, blue or other customized 
Packageshrinking film, pleat wrapped , paper wrapped, plastic bag, plastic box, cardboard box cardboard box

Product Features:

* This Round and different color hotel soap is available in different shapes/weights/aroma/scented hotel soaps for customers to choose from.

* Welcome custom personalized hotel soap logo.

* Use this round and different color hotel soap, it is easy to clean and handle after disposal without wasting.

* Round and different color hotel soap has a cleansing and cleaning function, soft, rich in plant nutrients, can make the skin feel clean, smooth and refreshing.

* The hotel soap we provide does not contain any skin destructive chemicals and the fragrance lasts for a long time.